5 Funny Plumbing Quotes that REAL plumbers use

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5 Funny Plumbing Quotes that REAL plumbers use
Posted: 15 Jan 2019

Sometimes you just need to explain things simply, concisely and in a fun and interesting way. One way to do this is through an analogy, story, saying or something that people can relate to. Of course we believe that plumbers should be chosen on a basis of how qualified they are, how much experience they have but, nevertheless being a fun approachable person goes a long way. We’re going to look at real quotes from plumbers and plumbing companies that are undoubtably hilarious or ironic.


  1. “I Pity The Stool”

The slightly older generation will recognise this straight away as a plumbing adaptation of the quote spoken by Mr. T in the A-Team, “I pity the fool…”. If that wasn’t funny enough, the company that had this on the side of their van, were called ‘A-Team Drain Cleaning’, maybe not so impressive film research, but still quite funny.


2. “We’ll repair what your husband ‘fixed’…”

This one is thrown about the industry all the time as a little dust-off joke about how terrible DIY plumbers can be and how the man of the household often steps up to take on the dirty tasks, despite knowing nothing about plumbing (you know who you are!).


3. “A Flush Beats A Full House”

Basically when a plumber says this, he means the toilet being able to flush is better than it being clogged (full), overflowing and not flushing, as well as adding in a double meaning for playing poker, hence why it doesn’t sound as grim as it actually is.


4. “Don’t sleep with a drip, call the plumber”

We’re not going to explain this in great detail but read it slowly, then think… maybe just search google for what we mean if you haven’t quite grasped it eh?


5. “Everything runs downhill”, “Payday is Friday” and “Don’t Eat With Your Fingers”

Now this one is super useful! Not only does it give a basic and satirical view of the industry, it gives you a bit of erm… life saving advice, especially when it comes to that 3rd one. So, if you’re thinking of becoming a plumber or apprentice, maybe take note of these 3?

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