Benefits of food waste disposal units

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Benefits of food waste disposal units
Posted: 27 Mar 2019

You may have noticed recently that we bought out a series of food waste disposal units known as the Perfect Grind range.

Perfect Grind is our own developed brand of food waste disposal units but, what is a (WDU) waste disposal unit? Put quite simply, it’s a device that is attached to the drainage/plumbing system, usually in or around a sink or basin that literally grinds food into a pulp that can then be disposed of into the waste water pipes as an oppose to contributing to landfills.

Why are food waste disposers becoming more popular?

The planet needs us to be more friendly to it, when it comes to disposing of our waste. We need to make a conscious effort to put less into landfill and a way every household can do that, is with a WDU.

What are the Features & Benefits?

Perfect Grind Food Waste Disposers have 25% more torque than other brands, keeping it in place whilst it uses its maximum grinding capacity. There’s also a 180o dual swivel, anti-jam impellers that prevent the device jamming on tough chunks of food. They also deliver high performance which saves energy, time and water! Plus, it’s McAlpine… so you know that smells won’t be a concern, we’ve got that covered.

What about bacteria from food?

When it comes to grinding and disposing of food there is a concern that bacteria lingering around rotten fruits/vegetables and meat, particularly E.Coli could cause real problems. As plumbing product manufacturers, we understand that plumbing is there to protect health via appropriate sanitation, so we’ve included Bio Gard which is an anti-microbial that eliminates bacteria and also the unpleasant odours associated with food waste, that we mentioned above.

List of food waste disposer units that you can enquire about:





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