DIY’er vs. Tradeperson

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DIY’er vs. Tradeperson
Posted: 8 Mar 2019

Sometimes these two are very different, sometimes they overlap and sometimes they’re the same thing… hear us out! Often see the two trying to overlap into each other’s roles from time to time, but we can safely say we’ve seen more attempts at plumbing from DIY’ers than plumbers trying to DIY in other areas outside of their profession. Obviously, we will ALWAYS recommend calling the relevant tradesperson to do the job in question, if you need plumbing work done, always call the plumber, the same goes for a plumber who needs to do some plastering... Without further ado let’s look into this debate a little further.


A plumber will more than likely cost more than DIY, why? Well a qualified plumber will have gone through years of training and qualifications to become certified at working with water and gas drainage, most DIY’ers often have no plumbing qualifications and standards. You get what you pay for, and how much risk you’re willing to take on having a go yourself. We know what we’d prefer to do!

Tools & Suitability:

If a kitchen pipe bursts we’d advise calling the plumber first, then calling your resident household DIY’er to finish bits off in the damaged areas rather than just hoping they/you can do it all in one. The reason for this is that the plumber will have industry standard tools that are safe and designed to do the jobs that they need to carry out.

In The Long Run:

You could say “it’s cheaper and quicker if I do it myself, now!” But by getting jobs done on the cheap or by somebody inexperienced… you could end up causing more trouble, doing more damage and having to fork out even more than you would have initially than if it was done by the most relevant professional in that trade. You are limiting the amount of future damage and you can just forget about it most of the time after it has been fitted. With a plumber you can have that confidence that the fix will last a considerable amount of time, where as a quick DIY cover up probably wouldn’t do the job justice.

Another difference is that most plumbers know all of this… which is why they wouldn’t dream of plastering the bedroom, or building a small extension, would you eh?