Most Unforgiveable plumbing fails

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Most Unforgiveable plumbing fails
Posted: 26 Sep 2018

We like to have a chortle, it’s just human nature, but do you know what isn’t apparently human nature? Plumbing… Believe it or not, it’s a tough one to crack, it’s not just knowledge you have to be up to date with, it’s physics and also some hard-physical graft too. This sometimes leads to plumbing disasters and nightmares, which can leave a house beyond repair, which is devastating. However, when it’s a silly mistake it can be quite funny to see how the plumber possibly concluded that what they did would’ve been the best practice. Here are 3 of the most unforgiveable types of plumbing fails and we’re hoping you can try to avoid them.

  1. Putting the Cart before the Horse

I swear we must post nearly every other week about a brand-new person falling into this trap, but please allow us to elaborate on what we mean… Imagine that you’re installing a toilet and you’re thinking it’s going great. All the measurements are adding up, all the parts are adequate and then all of a sudden you realise that the door cannot shut, because it was open and right against the adjacent wall when the toilet was fitted and now it has a bolted down porcelain throne in its path. We’ve seen it done… more than once.

2. Personal Space Issues

We’ve all been in a public bathroom and thought, “eh… this seems a bit cramped” but, what about when say two urinals are fitted facing into each other with about 3 inches of space in between them? Or two toilets in the same cubicle? It’s a big miscalculation and we don’t think it’ll catch on as a design feature. Great, you have choice where to “go”… but we can’t imagine many people using both at the same time!

3. Bizarre Placements

Imagine sitting down on the porcelain throne, outstretched hand exploring for the toilet roll holder, only to realise it’s not been fitted to your left, nor your right, instead it’s 8ft off the ground on the opposite wall… What?!?!  That’s just crazy right? In what world can that work? … In a world where the installer didn’t have ergonomics in mind.

Those are some of the most unforgiveable types of fail we’ve seen, made by installers and plumbers. We hope you enjoyed reading this and found it to be a generous mixture of funny, relatable and caution.