NEW! Installer Of The Month

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NEW! Installer Of The Month
Posted: 8 Mar 2019

If you’ve ever taken a glance at our social media pages, those being Facebook, Instagram and Twitter you’ll notice that we like to have a laugh with you lot from time to time at how awful some people’s installs are. We like to share stuff that makes you and us laugh out loud, but we also like to go out of our way to congratulate talented tradespeople who do nice, clean and flush installs (especially if they have used our products).

That’s why this month we’re looking to try something different out on our Twitter page, step forward MacDaddy Of The Month! That’s right, we’re going to be posting once a week to ask for photos of jobs you have completed that you are most proud of and then at the end of the month we will select the best one to win #MacDaddyOfTheMonth.

This will be taking place over on our Twitter, so if you haven’t already, create yourself a Twitter account by signing up to Twitter and giving @mcalpineplumb a follow. Then just look out for the #MacDaddy posts for the current week and enter your submissions via a tweet to @mcalpineplumb, or a comment to the post, both using the hashtag #MacDaddy.

We hope that this will give recognition to those in the trade who do their jobs with precision and quality. We aim to enhance good reputations, turning a business that services 1 town into servicing an entire city or county! We hope that those selected for MacDaddy Of The Month feel a sense of pride in what they do and that they will share their accomplishment with their friends and others in the trade.

So go on, get yourself on Twitter and get started today!