Plumbing - One of the Happiest Professions in the UK?

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Plumbing - One of the Happiest Professions in the UK?
Posted: 30 Oct 2018

Plumbers are

Not many people get to go to work and enjoy what they do for a living, it seems that in order to gain greater pay or greater credit that, you normally have to trade your play time in order to get ahead and ear more… and the greater the pay the happier you are, right? Well… not exactly.

But where do plumbers sit on the scale of personal and professional happiness in comparison to other jobs? Let’s have a look at where they rank on something known as the “boundless happiness index”, which measures happiness at work and happiness in life separately to see if there is a link between the two.

Plumbers are – “Happy In Work”:

A lot of different types of tradesmen fall into the “Very Happy In Work” category. About 50% of Electricians are very happy in work, just for reference anything over 25% (a quarter of the people in that job) is extraordinary. Plumbers do not rank too highly on this scale (less than 31% - just below Doctors) but still quite highly in comparison to the majority of occupations.

Plumbers are – “Very Happy In Life”:

This one is going to blow your mind, many of you already know it and are going to be thinking “yeah I guess I already knew that”, but did you know Plumbers are officially the happiest people in life on average? Yes, that’s correct; 55% of plumbers (more than half) have said they are very happy in life!

How does plumbing compare to “unhappy” occupations and lifestyles?

Whilst Plumbing obviously comes nowhere near these levels of negativity towards the occupation or lifestyle of its workers, people in customer services are the least happy in work (32% saying they were unhappy at work) and people who work in advertising were found to be the least happy in life (with a staggering 42% of people working in the industry classed as unhappy in life).

So if you’re young and just starting as an apprentice, it’s reassuring to know that what you want to do in the future has a good chance of being a satisfying career, well paid and best of all; can increase the quality in other aspects of your life. Be happy – be a plumber!

Figures published by Boundless.