Water saving tips for your clients

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Water saving tips for your clients
Posted: 16 Feb 2019

People are becoming more environmentally conscious than ever before. Concern over global warming and other environment issues, including the conservation of water, have come into discussion.

Rest assured, plumbers want to reassure their clients that they are taking all the precautions necessary in terms of appliances and technology, but you can advise your clients on actions they can take themselves to conserve water.

Getting a water heater regularly checked and serviced is a good thing, especially for water efficiency. Although a hot shower on a cold day sounds like a beautiful idea, with a broken water heater it can take time to fully heat up, losing both money on your client’s energy bills and pouring useful, fresh water back down the drain.

You could suggest aerated shower heads that not only offer a luxury power shower feel, but they do that by saving water! These nifty little inventions pump air out with the water so it shoots out faster and harder, creating the feeling of greater water flow, when you’re actually using far less water.

Fix drips and leaks! If for example you’re doing some work in the upstairs shower and you notice that the tap is dripping a little too much, offer to fix it. Why? Well, you could be saving your clients some money on their water bills, towards which leaking taps are a real kicker. Of-course they’ll have to pay for it, but would they rather spend a one sum fee on fixing it good and proper just ONCE, or would they rather let it accumulate to a large fee down the line with multiple repairs? It’s a no brainer!

Got any other tips you could think to tell your clients, or maybe advice you have given them that has worked out really well for your relationship with your client? Let us know on social media, using Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.