What makes a good plumber?

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What makes a good plumber?
Posted: 29 Jan 2019

Maybe you’re new to the industry, or maybe you’re moving into a higher position, but whatever the reason is, you’ll need to understand what makes a good plumber… In the eyes of the customer anyways.

We know that the vast majority of you qualified and experienced plumbers are perfect for a job, but a customer who’s plumbing knowledge doesn’t quite spread to the depth of an actual plumber, can become a little sceptical and questioning. So, what makes a good plumber? Shall we find out?

  • Quality of work:

Let’s start with the basic one that us real plumbers can do… quality output. If you’re an experienced and qualified tradesperson, the chances are you can already do this, so no biggie. If you’re not quite there yet as an apprentice or learner, keep going! You’ll get there. It’s all about perseverance!

  • People Skills:

If you’re employed by a plumbing and repairs company then this isn’t a HUGE deal, but still good to learn some etiquette around clients. If you are self-employed or a manager, you should probably find your niche with customer interaction and how you best communicate information to vastly different personality and customer types.

  • Convenience

If you’re an emergency repairs plumber, then this is easily done, it’s pretty much already your job role to do so, but as a self-employed plumber you can make yourself more marketable by making yourself more accessible at more times of the day. The upside to this is in certain “unsociable hours” you can charge a call-out fee, which makes yourself some nice bank for later.

  • Qualifications & Experience

If anything has been mentioned the most amount of times in this article, it’s qualifications and experience. They are both essential for you to even begin your journey properly, it may take some time or some real effort to get qualified and certified, but once you’ve done it and you’re raking in the experience too, you suddenly become very valuable to customers and employers.