Coronavirus (COVID-19) Statement

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25th March 2020 2:40pm

These are difficult, fast moving and sometimes confusing times for everyone.

We place the safety of our 750 employees and our customers above all else and we have spent the last 24 hours carefully planning what steps we need to take.

At some point, life will start to return to normal. Our goal is to be ready for that day so that there will be jobs for our staff, goods for our customers and economic vitality once again in the communities where we operate.

But in the meantime, we need to bring as much certainty as we can to all of our staff and our operations. Some of our production is important, for example the goods we provide to repairs, maintenance and building of medical facilities such as hospitals.

As long as we can, we aim to keep such essential supplies moving with all the proper sanitation and social distancing rules in force. We will continue to review all our practices as guidelines and information change but as a Company, our trade will suffer.

However, we also recognise the very real concerns that many have about coming to work.

That is why we have agreed our factory workforce can, should they agree, immediately move to “Furlough” under the UK Government scheme.

That way, 80% of their contracted pay can be met (assuming we meet the Scheme’s criteria) and we can continue paying wages.

We value the skills and commitment of all our employees. These are trying times but we hope that today’s announcement can bring some reassurance, security and certainty to them and their families.

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