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  • Multi-use for All Trades
  • Perfect for Sanitaryware, Tiles, Mirrors, Metals, Wood, Stone, Concrete, Marble & Brick
  • Seals and Bonds
  • Fills and Fixes
  • Anti Mould
  • Waterproof
  • Durable
  • Fast Curing
  • No Solvents or Isocyanates

The only sealant Tested and Approved for use with McAlpine Plumbing Products


  • Miniflex Connectors offer maximum flexibility when conventional fittings cannot be used
  • The fitting can be used up to 90°
  • The fitting is flexible as well as extendable
  • Used to solve problems where flexibility is required
  • Manufactured in polypropylene
  • Patent pending
  • Available with alternative end fittings, spigots and plain end
  • Extendable from 125mm to 175mm

110mm CP Plastic Flange

Ø110mm CP Plastic Flange to suit ST90CP10-70, ST90CB10-70 and ST90WH10-70 traps. 

MACTUN Tundish


The only combined tundish and non-return valve with a silicone membrane seal ensuring it will not be affected in hard water areas.

Suitable for:
Cylinders, Boilers, Water Heaters, PRV Valves, Condensate and Air Conditioning Units

  • The Mactun Tundish incorporates a self-closing membrane which opens to allow the discharge to flow freely and then closes to form a seal to prevent foul odour or sewer gas entering the building when installed into a waste or soil pipe.
  • The membrane seal has no spring mechanism and shall not be effected in hard water areas.
  • Temperature rating: 100°C max

Wash Hand Basin Space Saver with Self-Closing Waste Valve

WHB Under Basin

  • Designed to allow full use of storage space below the basin within the cabinet or furniture
  • The internal membrane opens under water pressure to allow discharge to flow freely and then closes to form a seal to prevent foul odour or sewer gas entering the building
  • The valve allows air to be drawn into the discharge waste pipe when negative pressures occur and eliminates the need for secondary ventilation to the discharge pipework. This allows for greater flexibility in the plumbing design
  • The valve can be easily cleaned without having to disassemble the discharge pipework. Simply remove the split pin at the front of the valve, take out the plug and membrane and clean in hot soapy water. Reassemble and relocate the split pin in the slot provided
  • The WHB self-cleaning waste valve having no water seal can never dry out through evaporation or lack of use of the basin as the membrane seal remains closed Overall height 62mm

Perfect Grind® Waste Disposal Units


  • 25% more torque than other brands provides more grinding power
  • Unique permanent magnet motor produces higher RPM (revolutions per minute) than AC (alternating current) induction motors
  • Corrosion proof cast stainless steel impellers on all models
  • 180° dual swivel anti-jam impellers prevent jamming
  • High efficiency performance saves time, water and energy
  • Motor incorporates sound eliminating insulation technology for quiet operation • BioGuard antimicrobial eliminates bacteria and odours
  • Power cord included
  • Supplied with 90° Bend x 11⁄2" BSP thread for connection to trap

Internal/External Air Admittance Valve for 110mm Soil Pipe


  • Incorporates a stainless steel mesh in the air intake which eliminates insect and debris ingress
  • Complies with BS EN 12380:2002
  • Designation Class A1 Air Flow Capacity (litres per second) 40
  • Range of temperature: -20°C to +60°C
  • Can be installed above or below the flood level of connecting appliances
  • LGA Quality Certificate - certifies the product’s high and constant quality and confirms the performance capability

Shower Traps with Top Access


90mm x 25mm Water Seal. Overall height 53mm

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20mm Water Seal with 11/2" BS EN 1329-1:2000 Solvent Weld Outlet. Overall height 65mm

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