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Spring-Loaded Centre Pin Basin Waste

Spring-Loaded Centre Pin Basin Waste

  • Centre Pin dry fixing connection for a quick and simple installation
  • Suitable for basins with or without overflow
  • Polished Stainless Steel Mushroom Plug
  • CP Brass or White Plastic waste body

Bottle Trap with Adjustable Inlet, Non-Return Valve and Anti-Syphon (Silentrap) Attachment

Bottle Trap

  • Conforms to BS EN 274
  • The Silentrap valve prevents back pressure
  • The Silentrap valve ensures retention of the water seal under extreme working conditions and eliminates the need for secondary ventilation
  • The Silentrap valve reduces noise (gurgling) during discharge
  • The silicone valve prevents foul odour or sewer gas entering the building if the water seal has evaporated which may occur due to lack of use through under occupancy
  • Removable cup to facilitate easy cleaning
  • Interchangeable with existing McAlpine traps
  • Multifit outlet

MacValve Self-Closing Waste Valve


  • Can be fitted in horizontal or vertical position
  • MacValve membrane opens under water pressure to allow discharge to flow freely and then closes to form a seal to prevent foul odour or sewer gas entering the building
  • MacValve can be fitted in installations where a nonreturn valve can be of benefit to the plumbing installation
  • MacValve can be used to take the discharge from a pressure relief valve on an unvented domestic hot water storage system. Please refer to guidance notes in approved Document G3 of the Building Regulations
  • MacValve having no water seal can never dry out through evaporation or lack of use of an appliance as the membrane remains sealed
  • MacValve is not recommended for use with shower trays unless there is access for maintenance

Channel Drains for Tiled Floors

Channel Drains

For a stylish yet unobtrusive drainage solution for wet rooms, McAlpine offers two ranges: Standard and Slimline Channel Drains.  Both are available in a choice of length, design and finish. Sleek and functional, McAlpine Channel Drains are suitable for tiled floors in applications as diverse as domestic bathrooms, hotels, spas, hospitals and sport and leisure facilities.

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The following video refers to the installation of the McAlpine Channel Drain only. It does not include information regarding installation of other elements of the shower cabin.

Flexible WC Connectors for Back to the Wall WC Pan

Flexible WC Connectors

  • Soft synthetic rubber inlet connection secured by a worm drive hose clip provides a secure and reliable connection to the WC pan spigot prior to the final placement against wall or furniture
  • There is no British Standard for flexible WC connectors but McAlpine WC connectors comply to German Standard DIN 1389:2000-05 for flexible WC connectors
  • Tested by German Testing House LGA, certificate number 7311072 and other testing houses. Tests prove conclusively that there is no build-up of sediment and the product is perfectly fit for purpose

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