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Boss Connectors & Roof Flashing

McAlpine's Boss Connectors & Roof Flashing provide secure connections and waterproofing solutions for pipes, ensuring reliable performance and protection across many plumbing applications.

Drain Connectors and Boss Connectors for Roof
  • Straight Connector Multifit x 2″ BSP Male thread
  • Blanking Off Cap
  • Drain Connector
  • Drain Connector with Boss
  • Offset Drain Connector
  • Drain Reducer Connector
  • Offset Drain Reducer Connector
  • Drain Connector Blank Cap
  • 90° Bend Drain Connector
  • 110mm Blanking Off Cap
  • Two Piece Cast Iron Soil Pipe Boss Connector
  • Black Mechanical Soil Pipe Boss Connector
  • Grey Mechanical Soil Pipe Boss Connector