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Surefit Waste System

McAlpine Surefit Waste Systems do what it says on the tin. The range of surefit waste systems from McAlpine Plumbing Products are only suitable for McAlpine HDPE waste pipe

Surefit Waste System
  • Pushfit Tee
  • Surefit Swept Tee
  • Surefit Swept Tee with 19mm Pushfit Branch
  • Surefit Swept Tee with Domestic Appliance Nozzle
  • Surefit Tee Piece
  • Surefit Pipe Clip
  • Pushfit 90° Bend
  • Surefit 90° Bend
  • Surefit x Multifit Straight Connector
  • Surefit Straight Connector
  • Surefit Straight Connector HDPE Waste Pipe to Soil Pipe Branch
  • Surefit Blank Cap
  • Reducer for Surefit Fittings
  • Flange for HDPE Pipe
  • Surefit Waste Pipe