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Tubular Sink Trap with Waste and Overflow, Washing Machine Nozzle and 19/23mm inlet

1½" x 75mm Water Seal Adjustable Inlet Tubular Sink Trap with Multifit Outlet, Washing Machine Nozzle and connection for 19/23mm Pipe to receive discharge from a condensing boiler. Supplied complete with 85mm diameter stainless steel Waste Flange, Centre Pin fixing and dry jointing Washers, Flexible Overflow Tube, Overflow Bend with Chrome Plated Grid, Plug and Chain
  • Available in Standard or Anti-Syphon versions
  • 1½" Inlet and Outlet
  • 75mm Water Seal
  • Multifit Compression Outlet suits all plastic, copper and lead pipe
  • Adjustable Inlet
  • Connection for 19/23mm pipe to receive the discharge from condensing boiler
  • Can accept discharge from a washing or dishwashing machine
  • Supplied with blank plug allowing trap to function as a normal sink trap until the domestic appliances are connected
  • Manufactured in polypropylene
  • 85mm stainless steel waste flange
  • Centre pin dry fixing connection has the advantage of a quick, simple and neat installation affording a saving in material and labour costs
  • Supplied with dry jointing Washers, Flexible Overflow Tube, Overflow Bend with CP Grid, Plug and Chain
  • Conforms to BS EN 274-1:2002
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