McAlpine Scale Defender Starter Kit

The McAlpine Scale Defender Starter Kit includes Scale Defender unit, cartridge and 15mm and 22mm connectors.

McAlpine Scale Defender can save hundreds of pounds as it keeps your heating system more efficient and helps prolong the life of pipes, fittings and appliances.

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Tackles Limescale. Protects your home and your pocket.

Limescale affects your pipework, boiler, radiators, taps, appliances and fittings and can lead to increased repairs or early replacement costs.

Did you know?
A 1mm layer of limescale in your boiler can amount to an extra £150 to £200 in household bills every year. (Figures from the Carbon Trust)

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Easy to Fit

McAlpine Scale Defender should be fitted by a plumber, but at between 45–60 mins to fit it should only be an hours call out. Thereafter, it is easy to replace the cartridges, and the system requires no ongoing maintenance.

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Easy to Fit

What is Polyphosphate?

Polyphosphate is a food-grade (consumable) product approved by the World Health Organization and Food and Agricultural Organization. It is widely used today in the food processing industry for cheese, meat, wine and other products.

McAlpine Scale Defender technology is a completely safe way to treat water in the home and is safe for human consumption according to the WHO and FAO recommendations and in accordance with the international norm for drinking water to the EC regulations, standard (EN 1212) and British Standard BS EN 1212.

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Scale Defender can protect your whole house

Watch our animation on how Scale Defender protects your whole home.