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2" Trap Body for Tile Drain

50mm Water Seal Trap Body with 2" Multifit Outlet
  • 50mm Water Seal
  • Supplied with 135° Bend - BSP coupling nut x 2" Multifit
  • Flow rate of 50 l/min when tested under a constant 15mm head of water in accordance with clause 5 of BS EN 274-2:2002
  • Height of trap body is 87mm
  • Manufactured in Polypropylene.
Product Code: ST90-HPB

Assembly & Features

The drain is suitable for concrete and suspended timber floors finished with tiles or stone.

Features - Tile Drain

Installation Guidelines

Tiled Drain

The following instructions refer to the installation of the tile drain only. They do not include information regarding installation of other elements of the shower cabin, such as sealing the connections between the shower walls and floor, or waterproofing - commonly known as room tanking.

  • Set the level of the finished shower floor surface and mark the wall in line with the area where the channel will be installed. Allow for the slope of the shower surface area.
  • Connect the channel to the drainage system trap and waste discharge pipework and set the height using the adjustable legs so that the upper edge of the channel frame is approximately 1mm below the finished surface level of the shower area.
  • Fill the surface under and around the channel with screed or a similar product to the level of the flange.
  • Cover the flange and surrounding area with a flexible latex waterproofing (liquid form membrane).
  • Apply the sealing membrane in position on the freshly applied liquid.
  • Apply a second coat of liquid membrane to the whole surface of the shower area and sealing membrane.
  • Once the liquid is completely dry, as per the manufacturer’s instructions, the shower surface can then be tiled.
  • Seal the gap between the tiles and the tile drain with a flexible sanitary silicone which can be compatible with the tile grout colour.

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