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Two-Piece Valve Shower Gully for Tiled or Stone Floors

VSG52T6SS Polished Stainless Steel
VSG52T6SS Polished Stainless Steel
Two-Piece Valve Shower Gully: Tile with removable Grid, 1½" Horizontal Outlet
  • Available with 150mm Polished Stainless Steel or White ABS Tile
  • 1½" BS EN 1329-1:2020 Solvent Weld Horizontal Outlet
  • Tiled/Stone floor gully suitable for concrete and suspended timber floors
  • Manufactured in ABS to the highest quality
  • The valve acts as a non-return valve. The weight of the water discharge will open the valve and it will reseal when the discharge has ceased thus prohibiting foul air from entering the dwelling.
  • Eliminates the release of foul air due to back flow..
  • Overall height of only 85mm and suitable for installation in floors where depth is restricted.
  • The valve can be easily removed to facilitate easy cleaning
  • Two-Piece Gullies have been specifically designed for use with timber floors and floor formers and can be plumbed prior to installation of the floor or former.
  • Flow rates of up to 36 l/min when tested under a constant 15mm head of water in accordance with clause 5 of BS EN 274-2:2002
  • Note: There are currently no regulations to cover the use of anything other than water seal traps in domestic drainage. It is advisable to seek guidance from the local building control department prior to use.
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Polished Stainless Steel
White ABS

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Gullies with Non-Return Valves

The Valve Shower Gully (VSG) has been developed to satisfy customer demand for a shallow gully suitable for installation in floors where depth is restricted.

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