Career Options for Plumbers

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Career Options for Plumbers
Posted: 15 Jan 2019

In the plumbing industry there are many different specialisms you can take on and it’s like being an individual puzzle piece to the overall greater project. If you’ve ever worked on-site, you’ll know what we mean by this because, you see all different kinds of trades with different cards and equipment and it seems as if every person’s job on that site flows nicely into the work of others.

But what are the different roles in the plumbing & repairs industry that are available? What are your career options? What specialities can you get yourself qualified and/or experienced in? Let’s find out!

  1. Pipe Layer

It may sound basic, but this is no easy picking. Pipe layers are specialised workers that dig trenches and lay down the pipes in them. The pipes in question would likely carry sewer water, drainage and gas throughout the system.

2. Gas Service Technician

Moving a little more into the specialised area of work, gas service technicians are a home owners first and last defence against malfunctioning boilers and leaks… Both of which can be catastrophic, so it is really useful to be qualified, certified and get in some experience as a trainee under an already qualified Gas Service Technician.

3. Bathroom/Kitchen Fitter

Usually, these types are jack of all trade types. They can turn their hand from installing a shower tray to tiling and assembling kitchen cupboards. It requires skill across a wide range of disciplines but can be a very lucrative business if you can get into it!

4. Business Owner

Be your own Gaffer. This means you can specialise in whatever you want, any of the above or bring in a team that can offer all of the above and you run the show! However, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows, there’s also the financial side to take care of which can get pretty complicated and also very stale in comparison to some site work with the lads.