McAlpine was the first to introduce plastic plumbing products in 1957. Since then, we’ve had 65 patents and have produced over 5,000 products – all designed and manufactured in the UK.

Why is that important?

We ensure that we only use the best-quality material.

All our products conform to UK and worldwide Certifications and Standards, from WRAS to KIWA and from IPHE to LGA, and many of our products are designed above industry standards, making our products McAlpine standard.

  • Brand Reputation: Quality plumbers will always use quality brands, and we are delighted that we are seen as the go-to brand for plumbers worldwide.
  • Reviews and Ratings: Check out the customer reviews for our products – we love that we constantly get the best reviews.
  • Compatibility: We create products that installers want. Many of our more recent products have been created for you by demand, ensuring they do the job and are easy to install.
  • Ease of Installation: Saving time means saving money!
  • Performance Features: Each of our products is designed to give the best performance of any plumbing product in the market.

Ultimately, we have the best quality plumbing products in the UK. Why? We make our plastic plumbing products in the UK. With over 750 staff, our production and testing facilities are second to none.

Why take the risk with a product made abroad with fewer quality standards to pass?

In a business where reputation and doing the best job is everything, you should make sure you use the best quality products to do your job.

Helping you avoid leaks, blockages, and other plumbing problems saves you time and money in the long term.